Firstly, which materials do you think the wood pellets are made from? That’s wood, but not the whole completed tree. Every day, a thousand tons of sawdust, wood chips is wasted and wood pellet was invented like a solution to make use of all that cheap but worthy material. We can make the wood pellet also from the lumber mill scrap or even a full tree which is not available for lumber. The input materials may be green, fresh, or maybe partial dry or full dry. It doesn’t matter because all the raw material can be produced in the same method at the end of the producing process, the products are required to have a consistent moisture, heat value and burnable.

Normally, we have to go through 5 main steps to have a fluent wood pellet. Firstly, the input materials must be milled. Like we have mentioned about the materials below, they are in different sizes, different kinds with some different characteristics. So we have to use the chipping machine to break the materials into the uniform smaller size. Then, we dry them, especially with the fresh input source. In the drying process, the sawdust will be brought down the consistent moisture level in which they are able to burn. There some kinds of industrial dryer machine consuming gas, sawdust burners and other fuels has a higher power. The next step is pressing the sawdust in the high pressure. The most common shape of wood pellets is the cylinder with the length is from one-fourth to one-third inches. When the sawdust is pressed, they will heat up and secrete the natural lignin that help all the pieces of the sawdust can bind together in a very strong link. This process can lead to the heat of 200 to 250 degrees, the sawdust is soft at that moment therefore we need to cool them. In the cooling tower, the temperature is decreased and it hardens the pellet. We have the wood pellet done, everything left is bagging and transporting to the market.

See through the producing process of wood pellet, we can extremely confirm that wood pellet is a healthy material because it's totally natural. Nowadays, BBQ is becoming the popular dish not only in Western but also in the East. We used to be worried about the smoke of charcoal or gas when we grill the food that they can be smoked by these fuels but now, we are completely comfortable with wood pellet grill. Pellet grills not only helps you to cook a wonderful meal for your family and friends, but also helps you to avoid some kinds of cancer caused by charcoal. It's also amazing when we can cook a dozen of different dishes with just only pellet grill. So why don't we have a pellet grill in our home?